Barlines Project - Day 5

The fifth day was the end of a huge project. We just rehearsed the programme and we transformed the chapel into a music venue.

They offered us a buffet at around 12 and after that some visitors started coming in. When they unlocked the people from the prison, around 25 of them came to participate as an audience. We did a quick warm up before we begin. Almost all of the people from the prison who worked with us were very nervous. It was like an experience a musician has outside of the prison. I was very happy that they cared so much about that and they wanted to do their best.

The programme was performed smoothly with many emotional moments. Some moment were very difficult for us, especially during the song artificial light. We were singing it and the moment that we went inside the wings came to my mind and i stopped, i couldn't carry on. The whole programme was so moving, so natural and represented the people's inside at its best.

After the performance, the audience left but we stayed there and continued playing music. We did an improvisation and we knew that this would be the last time we play all together. We spent some time after that to talk to each other, thank the people from the prison, collect all the instruments and clean the chapel.

The final playlist:

The project was something more than a simple collaboration. As i wrote in the first post, we all had all personal purposes and expectations. The project went a lot more than my expectations and i am sure that my colleagues believe the same for their ones.

More than one who work in the prison told to us: ''You cannot imagine how good you do to those people. Not because you make music but because you make them live as they are outside of prison''. I will never forget Abiyoe who was so excited when he first conducted the ''Velile'' and he start crying from his excitment! I will never forget Nathan you told to us in the fourth day '' When i came here i realised some tension between you and us but after some minutes there was nothing like that. I though that this project would be something just for fun but when i saw the work we are doing and i said that this is serious. When you brought out of me all this talent i asked my self, what i was doing the last 20 years?''

The society tends to demonstrate to us the rich and succesfull people as the world that has to offer us the most. I have been in concerts surrounded by succesfull musicians, i have met rich and succesfull people, had dinner with them or chat, i am studying in a very high level Conservatoire but nothing made me grow up so fast as the collaboration with those people did.

''Anyone from us can mess up at some point. A bad luck cannot hide our inside and what one can really do''.

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