Barlines Project - Day 4

The process of recording had finished. Only some parts were about to be recorded mainly for experiment. The first three days we were trying to form groups always with different people. Every group was creating something new or developping something already existed. After that we were recording the ideas and we were suggesting new ones that had to do with structures or adding some extra instruments. The final list was:

1. I am titan

2. Freedom

3. Sugar bumbum

4. Ose o baba

5. Culture

6. Harmonics

7. Cycle of love

8. Artificial light

9. Lift me up

10. Velile

Now we had to find out how we are going to perform them on Friday. We had many diffulties to face. First of all Nathan who was playing guitar and was singing in Harmonics and Cycle of love had a court day. Also David who recorded the vocals on freedom was transferred to another prison. Apart from that we were more or less 20 people and plenty of instruments were recorded. We needed to find out what parts of them we will play live and what parts will be playback.

The whole day was a big rehearsal! We started with the song '' I am a Titan''. The beggining was playback and suddenly we were all coming in together with percussions. Madeleine was conducting us especially in the end when we had to sing different lines in different rhythms. Danny was playing the drums for the whole session ( as he was drummer). Also Midun was playing with two african timpani for the whole session.

At that time i felt like a bassline was missing so I took the bass guitar and started finding notes. It didn't took me a lot of time to realise that i wanted to play the bass guitar for the live. I was playing the bass for the songs '' I am a titan'', '' Freedom'', ''Lift me up'', '' Cycle of love'', and keys in ''Sugar bumbum''. Interesting not to playing the piano almost at all and trying to be creative in things that are outside of my field. Generally the whole project was outside of my field and that was my main target.

Another guy from the prison was Alex. He was playing some percussions and he was the one who started the piece ''Ose o baba'' with Maria, Lucy and Tim. He was also singing in that song.

More interesting was the rehearsal for the of Velile. It was an African song which Abioye wanted to work on. We formed a choir and we had different lines for the sopranos, the altos, the tenors and the baritones. He thaugh us also the traditional dance of this song. So we had to dance and sing while Abioye was conducting us.

Abioye was doing his PHD from the prison and he loved books. He was always coming to me telling me how the books present the pianists and how many of those characteristics i have. To be honest i didn't have that picture in my mind.

The most emotional song for me was the Artificial light. Robin was playing the keyboard and strings was holding some notes. The rest of us were singing while Madeleine was conducting us.

Lunch break and we visited again the bistro. I know what i am gonna say it somehow out of topic but anyone, who knows me, knows that my second passion after music is food. The food was delicious and very well prepared. People from the prison were cooking it and they were amazing chefs. As far as i understood most of them were highly qualified and experienced.

Back to our topic. After the lunch break we continued rehearsing some pieces we left like ''Culture'' and ''Cycle of love''.

Before we finish our day we spent some time to talk all together. From the beggining of the day i was looking them putting something in a brown envelop. They were putting it out and in again but i didn't want to ask. Later the day, before we talk all together, Abioye gave us the envelop and said that it was something from all them. Something with which they wanted to thank us. It was a card on which they all wrote their wishes. Most of them wrote that we gave to them an experience that they will remember forever. They were very happy, very sensitive and they enjoyed those days as they haven't done so for many years.

At 5pm we had to leave the prison as we were doing every day. I returned home really excited looking forward to the Friday's performance.

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