Barlines Project - Day 2

Tuesday, the second day of the project.

We all gathered in the entrance at 8.15, we left our phones in the lockers we passed the check and we went directly to the chapel to start again. I have to say that almost all the day without the phone in my pocket or my hands was extremely weird to me. On the other hand i felt closer to the reality and to people around me.

We started a warm up with an improvisation. Four chords were guiding us ( D-F-C-G) and Robin was conducting us. Imagine so many voices and instruments, it was like a huge orchestra! After the warm up we though that it would be a good idea to record the ideas we used and that's pretty much how we came up with the song ''Harmonics" . The recording took a lot of time as we used almost all the instruments we had, if not all.

Every day, at around 10 i think, there was a tea/coffee break. I am not sure about the hour because i never wear watches and there were clocks nowhere around. The people from the prison were offering us coffee and tea all the time, as well as orange and apple juices. Not only they were giving us for free as many as we wanted but they never forgot to remind us that we have to take some. I was questioning myself, how is it possible for these kind and encouranging people to be in prison while the people we meet in our daily lives are a lot worst (not excluding myself of course).

After the tea break Anna, Charlie, me and Ben were gathered in a room and started working on Ben's lyrics. We asked him on Monday if he could write some lyrics later in the evening and he was more than happy to do that. He came on Tuesday with two pages about ganja. If you don't know what ganja is, google it. It was a history about his old time when he used to smoke a lot but now he changed his mind. Then we asked him how he imagines that piece and the music style. He replied almost without thinking: reggae. Then we added some chords, rhythm and some extra voices. We didn't have to change anything on the rhythm and his lyrics because they were fitting perfectly. It is very interesting when someone can communicate through music and, what we call, '' Musicallity'' becomes a natural instinct and not just knowledge. We were observing that every day. All of them were taking musical decisions which were quite advanced even for people who already know some basics.

Luch time again and all the people from the prison had to go back to their wings, so for us it was an opportunity to have some rest, have lunch and share our thoughts. At that time an accident happened in the prison. As far as i know someone from a wing had a problem because of drug overuse so we were blocked and locked inside the chapel for a long time.

More or less two hours were left before the end of the day and we used them to record what we had. David wrote some lyrics in a song that was called Freedom. Ose o baba was recorded as well as cycle of love. Furthermore Ben with us recorded the song i mentioned before. For some reason when we were together i asked him what you want the title of this song to be he said ''ganja'', but in the end of the day when robin asked him he said ''Culture''.

The list of the songs we already had was:


2. Sugar bumbum

3. Freedon

4. Lift me up

5. Ose o baba

6. Harmonics

7. Cycle of love

8. Culture

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