Physicalais project

This post is about to demonstrate the daily work of our group called “Physicalais”, which we created in the Colab project in Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. The name comes from the words Physical and Calais which is a city in North France where immigrants from all over world try to enter the UK.

The main topic of the project is the refugee situation. Through art we would express our view about this socio-political crisis.

The project took place in Trinity Laban Conservatoire during the Colab project 2016. The whole idea was developed into act and performed three times on 5th of February 2016.

My group is consinsted of musicians , dancers and musicotheatrical students. We were all equal members and we were trying to express out thoughts through art. Improvisation with our bodies, instruments and whatever we could find in the room, was the main source of our material. We really tried to free ourselves and to start a collaborative process. We captured some moments from the improvisation process and we worked on that trying to make it meaningful. That led us to create a new material based on some scenes which were actually our final performance.

In the following video you can have an idea of how the project was unwrapped and developed and also watch the final performance.

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